Become a Sponsor

How child sponsorship works?

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a child through LCF, you choice will bring hope and bright future to the needy child and family.

  • Choose a child you want to sponsor.
  • Sign up for an ongoing payment of $42 per month via our secure online payment facility .
  • LCF will send you an account login for managing your sponsorship payments.
  • LCF will use your sponsorship contribution of $42 per month to help your sponsored child access quality education, nourishing meals, clean water, medical care, good accommodation and opportunities to develop, play and learn.
  • LCF will provide you within 24 hours all the information concerning your chosen sponsor child.
  • Feel free to communicate with your child through Skype, letters and pictures. Hearing from sponsors is very meaningful to sponsored children. It boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel there is someone who cares. And also it builds a long lasting relationship.
  • You’ll receive regular updates and share a personal connection with your child. This allows you to monitor his or her progress.
  • LCF encourages sponsors to visit their sponsored children. If you can make the trip, LCF staff will arrange a visit for you and your sponsored child. Visiting your sponsored child gives firsthand information and shows the impact that child sponsorship makes.

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