About Us

Who we are


Life Charity Focus Uganda (LCFU) is a community based, charitable non-profit and political organization operating in Eastern Uganda in Budaka and Kibuku districts and later to reach out to other districts and nations in need. We engage in children’s Development with the overall goal of improving the livelihoods of orphans and other vulnerable children. LCFU is currently supporting 176 children and their families. We exploit holistic and systematic approaches that enhance healthier, productive and sustainable living of the children including their communities.

The organization is registered with the government of Uganda national NGO Board as a Non-Governmental organization and with operational / partnership offices in different countries.
LCFU is also registered with the government of Australia.

Our vision

“Children and their Communities Transformed from helplessness and able to live a meaningful and sustainable life”

Our mission

LCFU aims at children living a healthier, productive and sustainable life for enhanced growth and development through holistic and systematic approaches.

Our Core Values


Accountability: We hold officers in our members and donors trust and are responsible for our actions ensuring resources as sacred. Trust from our development partners/donor are given and managed in a way that causes maximum change to the needy.

Organizational Participation and Empowerment: We involve sustained promotion of organization initiatives and assessing what capacities exist within the organization so that they are strengthened and members adhere to the professional codes of conduct and exhibit the highest degree of competence and best practices.

We value people: We always adhere to the interests of our members, partner organizations and the community. Our services are conducted in an open manner as possible about our decisions and the actions we take.

In carrying out our business, we give fair and unbiased treatment to all clients irrespective of gender, race, religion, disability and ethnicity. We apply all necessary laws and regulations uniformly to all clients with respect and presuming all of them and their agents innocent until proven otherwise. We enable style in working environment, encouraging professionalism and personal developments.


We are agents in development struggle: We accept partnership and treasure the obligation of joint /networking with different development partners. We endeavor to optimally use resources in the attainment of our set goals and objectives, striving to achieve our intended results qualitatively and quantitatively in line with set targets and standards of performance.

All corporate partners sign a memorandum of understanding with the LCF agreeing on terms and conditions of funding.

LCF is committed and ready with anybody/company to address poverty and reduce death among children and adults.