Get Involved

Make a donation.

You can support important Life Charity Focus projects by making a donation.

Your contribution will be used in critical strategic areas for child and community development.

Donate today and your generous support can help change lives.


Corporate Partnerships

At LCF we treasure corporate partners who show a great commitment to include responsible business practices into the core business goals to fund specific proposed programs. Their partnership and efforts have both a short and long term impact in uplifting thousands of children and their communities whom are of need.

LCF is glad to work with companies/organizations in order to bring together joint resources through the following ways:

1. Global, national/local Fundraising drives for the organization
2. Innovative partnership to find new solutions to existing development issues
3. Advocacy.


Become A Fundraiser

How It Works

Set up a fundraising event in your local community to help contribute to the many children in need. Create your own event to support important causes like clean water, child protection, or healthcare. Your impact will multiply as you invite friends and family to participate. Every little bit counts and can make a very big difference to the lives of many people.


Volunteer With Us

LCF welcomes your interest in volunteering in work of changing lives. In order to fulfill our vision, we continue to benefit from the generous service of volunteers and interns.

Our volunteers are involved in a number of projects including advocacy, web design and updates, offer medical services, construction work, teaching in project school and administration work.

LCF is looking for generous, highly motivated and professional people to support our mission and bring about change in the communities.