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LCF Activity Update Early 2015

LCF has continued with its routine activity planned activities and here below are detailed activities updates.

Vision – A community transformed from helplessness to live a meaningful and sustainable life

Mission – To ensure that children live a healthier, productive and sustainable life for enhanced growth and development

Overall objective – To improve the health of rural communities with priority given to children to live a healthier, productive and sustainable life



LCFU was awarded another grant by American Embassy in Kampala Uganda under PEPFAR project to end April 30th 2015, 2015 grant by PEPFAR was after a successful implementation of 2014 Agro-Input grant. The Embassy has decided to add LCF beneficiaries Farm inputs and also funds to facilitate training on good nutrition, Post harvest handling and kitchen Gardening, constructing raised fire stoves in their kitchens. This project is majorly focused to enhancing an improvement in the livelihood of children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS including their respective families.

LCFU committed and competent staff are implementing the activities of phase 2 (two) which is intended to end on April 30th, 2015. The activities so far that have been implemented are as follows;-

Training on making enriched/nutritious porridge

Eight (8) trainings were conducted by LCFU staff. This is aimed at improving on the immune system of the children infected with HIV/AIDS. This is as a result of a mixture of different food sources, which are rich in nutrients for rapid growth, and improvement of children’s lives. This kind of porridge includes a mixture of millet, sorghum, soya beans, beans, rice, g/nuts, water, silver fish (mukene), and white pop-corn. These are gridded together and porridge is made out of them as demonstrated in the images.


Training on post harvest handling

This package entails other sub-topics such as; reduction of losses after harvest, business planning, record keeping and market intelligence and market information. This is aimed at equipping the local farmers with skills of handling and caring for their produce after harvest even up to the market place. So far 32 (thirty two) trainings have been conducted in various strategic places where these farmers (beneficiaries) come from. The farmers are divided into six groups and the trainings have been conducted within in eight places by LCFU staff and facilitators. These places include; Iki-Iki Health Centre iii, Tademeri Catholic Church, Lyama Sub-county, Sapiri Health Centre, Nansanga, Naboa , Budaka Health Centre iv and Kakule. About 176 farmers/beneficiaries have been trained and are now equipped with the skills and knowledge on proper care to be given to their farm produce. Under this project, LCFU intends to distribute improved farm inputs to over 176 beneficiaries. These improved farm inputs include, maize seeds, beans, g/nuts and fertilizer. This is aimed at boosting the yields of the farm produce at the end of the season.



LCF has started a School called Joy Blessed Day Care, Nursery and Primary school (Ranging from the age 8 months up to 9 years) as one of the strategy for LCF to improve the quality of Education in the District of Budaka and setting a learning center for LCF children. The school opened on Feb 2rd 2015 and it has enrolled 150 children with 9 teaching staff and 2 cooks and 1 security personnel who keep the premises at night time. The school started in the center of Budaka main Town as preparation are being made for construction of the school at LCF purchased land. The sole aim of the school is to offer affordable quality education to Poor Vulnerable and orphaned children.

Over 100 LCF school going children have been enrolled in different schools where only 15 children are directly receiving support from the sponsorship scheme as effort is being made to ensure that all the beneficiaries access care and sponsorship support. Under the guidance of the Child Sponsor Relations Officer, the children who enrolled in low performing schools were advised to be transferred to better schools.


In order to boost the household income of the families of the beneficiaries, LCF has started a saving and Credit cooperative association to help our beneficiaries save and borrow funds from the SACCO and boost their small income-generating project. LCF conducted the training about savings and credit cooperative and it was facilitated in January by the Government Micro finance technical support team. After the training the care givers / parents of the children promised to form a SACCO such that they can start saving for boosting their income as well as enhancing a sense of sustainability of the project activities. The LCF office with technical support from the Government of Uganda Micro-credit support team is making policies and regulation, which will govern the SACCO. This project is aiming at creating sustainability and self-reliance among the beneficiaries.



At the beginning of January, LCFU recruited a new staff Volunteer member Called Mary Mudondo who is now currently a Child Sponsor Relations Officer replacing Hellen Namulenzu who is now the project Administrator and Finance officer. Mary is Graduate of social administration and social science, she has worked with different child centered organizations like compassion, and she is responsible for all the affairs of the sponsored children. This has boosted the former staff in the implementation of the planned activities especially during home visits, guidance and counseling, as well as raising awareness among the beneficiaries on adherence to the ART.


Under this project, all sponsored children are getting free medication from the LCF contracted Medical clinic Called General Clinic in Budaka Town.

Treatment and Follow-up of HIV positive children is ongoing and unfortunately since we have registered 2 deaths of children who passed in December 2014 and on February 12th 2015 respectively, the children died due to un compliance behavior of drugs consumption. Parents neglected these children. Child Focus managers are doing a great job of following up the children and ensuring they are taking the drugs. CFMs are being supervised by the LCF officer called Benard Wabusa.


Strengthening decentralized sustainability (SDS)- eGRIP

LCFU with its competitive advantages competed with other organizations in Budaka district in proposal writing to implement activities aimed at improving early grade reading promotion in lower classes of Primary1-Primary 4. This proposal was submitted last year in December and we are awaiting feedback from the SDS officials. Where we have a high possibility of winning the grant to fund our innovations of how to boost the reading and writing skills in Government aided schools after a survey which was carried out by an organization called UWEZO which indicated only 23% of children interviewed in Public schools were able to read and write.

National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Another proposal was submitted on 16/01/2015 to NED for consideration in order to implement activities tailored towards promoting citizen participation in leadership through young people in eastern Uganda by 2016. We are waiting for feedback.


  • Overwhelming demand for service delivery due to social exclusion.
  • Many biased complains from un-sponsored children of feeling isolated or left out in programs focused on sponsored kids.
  • Lack of desk top computer and electricity Power supply at office building
  • Inadequate funds to enumerate and motivate existing manpower to implement planned activities.


It is on a sad note that so far two (2) beneficiaries have passed on (Wasalaine Allan- 146 who died on 13/02/2015 and One Child Focus Manager also passed on in December 2014

Way forward

Lobbying and advocacy, Partnerships, Proposal writing and fundraising among others. All these are aimed at raising funds for the effective implementation of the planned activities in areas of nutrition, health/HIV, food security, water and sanitation among others.


Despite the fact that there are a number of challenges as noted above, we remain committed to enhance teamwork with the implementing partners for effective accomplishments of the intended tasks for better livelihood of our beloved beneficiaries.