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Letter to Sponsors- July 2015

Dear sponsor,

On behalf of life charity Focus Uganda- Board of Directors, working staff and children, I wish to extend our sincere appreciations to you as a family for the continued support and partnership with us.

I would like to thank you for the continued support to Life Charity Focus Uganda in transforming the livelihood of your sponsored child and the family. Your monthly support has restored hope for Bright future of your sponsored child.

The $42 dollars is spent as follows:- Education- paying of the school Tuition and scholastic materials $20, Medical Care and treatment $9, Home care support(feeding) $8 and administration $5 ( includes Funds transfer, exchange rates, Day to day Running costs of LCF Uganda office)

Briefly to update you on the current Progress of LCF Program’s and activities, besides some challenges we have registered the following successes in the organization since the start of the year 2015

  • Continuous support of sponsorship fees $42 dollars has enabled LCF to support the 22 sponsored children with basic essential needs.
  • Started a school called Joy Blessed Primary School with the aim of giving quality and affordable education to all the Project children and entire community. The school started in a rental premises and hopefully next year shall be shifted to LCF purchased land after the construction of 2 blocks and each of 3 classrooms.
  • LCF conducted 1 advocacy trip to Australia where by 2 Board Directors were facilitated with the help of Australia Board Members and Horizon project and this led to getting more other 10 sponsors on board.
  • LCF with the support from America Embassy in Uganda under PEPFAR Small Grant, distributed Maize, bean and G/nuts seeds, fertilizer and pesticides to all the 176 LCF supported children. Most of the LCF supported families have started harvesting Beans and G/nuts with a good yield results. Unfortunately this grant end on May 20th 2015.
  • Savings and Credit scheme. This was started in March with the aim of helping our beneficiaries learn a culture of saving and loaning to start the small income generating activities. 80 parents of LCF kids have paid full subscription fees and have started saving and loaning.
  • Acquired a big school photocopier which is helping to print and photocopy home work, weekend packages and assessment examinations of school Pupils
  • LCF was identified by the American based organization called Cardinal funded by USAID to implement Early Grade reading in 36 Public school to cause interest in reading and writing after a survey which was conducted and indicated that only 20% of children in Public schools are able to write and Read.
  • LCF invited and hosted Dr Michael John Ferres from Dubbo Australia who offered free medical treatment and management of approximately 250 patients in 3 weeks working a long side the Budaka Hospital and other health facilities aided by the government of Uganda in our Area of Jurisdiction.
  • LCF kids together with other Children at Joy Blessed primary School had an adventure Tour to Uganda wildlife National Park in Entebbe and Children Play park in Kampala which took place on 15th July 2015. Most of our sponsored children had never been in the Car or seen the animals in the wild
  • Thank you to Michelle and Cliff from Dubbo for their Continuous payment of salaries to all the 3 office staff, which allows the children to benefit each month with less admin fees taken out of the sponsor amount.
  • We were privileged to Host in Uganda a team 8 people from Horizon project of Generosity Church (, Parkes, Burthust and Dubbo) Australia on June 28th – July 10th 2015, We Would like to sincerely thank Generosity Church and its members for their continued support and financial help.

The following are the ongoing activities:-

  • Fundraising for the construction of the school. There will be a general fundraising event on August 8thth 2015 at Nyngan Riverside Tourist park please contact Dione for any further information 0428322037.
  • New sponsored children to receive goats as soon as the contractor/supplier delivers them to the LCF office.
  • Installation of Stable and reliable internet connection at LCF Uganda offices. This will enable direct communication between Sponsors and children.
  • Building LCF website should be complete by the end of July
  • We are encouraging sponsors to monitor the performance of your child from school by letter writing, visiting your sponsored child and communicating using skype as soon as we are Skype preparations. The children will be very excited to meet their sponsor parents on Skype. Once again I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your generosity towards your child and LCF, your contribution is highly acknowledged.

Yours in service,