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Monthly Report July-August 2015

Life Charity Focus Uganda, with the overall goal of improving the health and livelihood of its children. LCFU with its competent staff has continually worked hard to behold the achievement of the organizational goal and objectives. To achieve this, it is vital to note that a number of activities and projects have been implemented within this reporting period July- August 2015. The activities implemented are based on the 4 departments ie. Education and sponsorship, Health care program, livelihood and administration.
The following were the targeted activities per department as listed below,
Education and sponsorship department.
• Letter writing / correspondences, school visitation, home visitation, taking photos of the beneficiaries, writing the departmental manual, payment of school fees and bills for the sponsored children, among others.
Health care department.
• Child screening, resource mobilization, receiving the eGRIP reading equipments, updating the list of the beneficiaries, among others.
• The activities include; Financial control management, conducting monthly staff meeting, child protection services, implementation LCF policies, organizing a child day.
Livelihood department.
• Distribution of items to the sponsored kids, training the beneficiaries on savings and credit cooperative (SACCO), supervision of the goats given to beneficiaries, etc. These activities are detailed as below;-

During the month, the following activities were carried out;

• Letter writing
A total of 21 letters were successfully written to the sponsors. Some sponsored children wrote general letters to their sponsors, others wrote first letters to their sponsors while others wrote gift letter. The main aim for writing these letters is to bridge the gap between the sponsors and their sponsored children as well as strengthening the relationship between the sponsored children and their sponsors. According to the new plan, the letters are to be written quarterly unless otherwise.
• Home visitation
A total of about 50 homes have been visited since July, 2015. These homes included those with sponsored children and unsponsored children. The purpose of this activity was to ascertain the health status of the beneficiaries as well as the general welfare. Additionally, the visitors from Australia desired to know where these children hail from coupled with getting familiar with the children and their families. The following are the photos of some of the homes visited;
• School monitoring and visitation .
The schools visited include; Joy Blessed Day-care Nursery & primary school, Red star Nursery & primary school, Namirembe Model Nursery & primary school Day & Boarding, Kajoko blessed Nursery & Primary, Town side parents’ school, Sunrise Nursery & primary school, Homeland nursery & primary school, Centre of hope Nursery & primary school. The aim of the visitations was to find out the academic status and performance of the sponsored children.
The performances of children were discussed with teachers and noted that most children were doing well. It was also noted that some parents are not showing full responsibilities in providing basic necessities not provided by LCF.

There is also regular report and monitor of LCF School Joy blessed to assess the progress and the school term end on August 07th 2015 and reopens on august 31st 2015. More details concerning the school you will find it in the school quarterly progressive report.

• Writing the departmental manual
The manual contains all the information pertaining the sponsorship of the children for example, case studies, letter writing, departures, and the quality of the photos, selection criteria, among others. This is aimed at giving definite and appropriate guidelines and direction in as far as sponsorship is concerned. This manual was designed as collect efforts from all LCF volunteers and in consultation from other stake holders. The copy of the manual is available in the Office.

• Payment of school fees
Second term fees for all the sponsored children were paid in time and this enabled them to prepare for exams and they received the report cards. They are now on holiday and most schools reopen on August 31st 2015.

• Taking photos of the beneficiaries of LCFU
All the beneficiaries were photographed for purposes of updating their files. And passport size photographs for medical identity cards for new sponsored children.
• Early grade reading program.
LCF in partnership with USAID/SDS program to improve early grade reading in 16 Public schools, we are in second quarter of implementation and we have so far held the following activities in the selected;
• Conducted 16 meetings in all the schools with stake holders ie teachers, school management committees, PTA and opinion leaders on importance of early grade learning and their responsibilities.
• Conducted 16 Reading Galas,
• Conducted 16 reading competitions of pupils to a rise interest in reading and writing.
LCF received instructional materials to facilitate its work of arising interest in reading and writing in the allocated schools. This was carried out on 22/07/2015 at the district headquarters. This is intended to facilitate the youth group to effectively carry out eGRIP activities in target schools. Among the equipments received include; 50 infant plastic chairs, 20 mats, 5 plastic tables and a tent.
• Monitoring and Sensitization of the HIV+ beneficiaries on adherence to ART.
This activity enables the HIV positive living Children to take the responsibly to live longer. They are required to also protect themselves from other diseases like malaria that can affect their immune system giving an opportunity for the virus to spread widely in their bodies. This is taken care of by the Child Focus Managers who live in areas where these respective beneficiaries come from.
15 Children were serious sick and with collaboration with Government medical centers they were treated and they improved.
Continuous supply of Aids drugs is ongoing; the government with the help of USAID has constantly supplied aids treatment to all Government health facilities for HIV patients
• Validation Exercise.
This was done purposely to ascertain the number of the current beneficiaries that the organization is supporting. All children together with their parents of care takers came personally at the project officer for assessment. Data was updated on this day. This is also intended to enable us effectively plan for the next financial year appropriately. This was carried out on the July 14th 2015
• Referral of the sick beneficiaries
A total of 13 beneficiaries were referred to General Clinic to receive adequate treatment. They are now very well and their lives have improved greatly. This has helped them to continue with their studies without much disturbance.

• Resource mobilization
As one of the strategies to expand the organizational capacity of the organization, LCFU submitted a proposal to UNICEF head office in Kampala on Monday 20th.July, 2015. The project is tailored to ending child marriages in Uganda specifically our 3 target districts and it is expected to be worth UGX 250,000,000/- (two hundred fifty million shillings only) incase LCF is considered for funding.
A proposal was submitted on August 07th 2015 to the Bill gates foundation seeking funding support to procure medical equipment and medicine. This came in consideration after identifying of needs in the Government health centers in our area of operation by Dr Michael Ferres. Dr Michael identified the need in the maternity department and general ward. He wrote a proposal with technical support from LCFU staff in Uganda. Hopefully it will be put in consideration and funded.

• Organizing child day
This took place on 4/07/2015 and main aim was to have an interaction between the visitors from Australia and the families of the beneficiaries. On this particular day, children had meals together with visitors and received items such as; t-shirts, sandals, pants, while the 9 new sponsored children received mattresses, and other beddings.
176 children received the T-shirts and other clothing which were donated by Collin and Georgia and Horizon project team.
• Holding staff meeting
This meeting was held on 16th.July, 2015 and the main aim was to evaluate the progress of the planned activities of the organization. Besides that, the meeting enabled the staff to plan for the preceding month activities as well as departmental performance appraisal.
• Writing monthly departmental reports
Reports are compiled on a monthly basis to assess the progress of the planned departmental activities. This enhances the organization’s capacity to consolidate its efforts for the betterment of its beneficiaries. All the departmental heads are responsible to compile their reports and submit them to the project director before 25th of every month.
Staffing level
LCF has the following workers and their responsibilities.
1. Goire Moses –Project Director overall supervisor
2. Hellen Namulez- Administrative Assistant ,in charge administration and livelihood
3. Benard wabusa – Project officer incharge Health care and resource mobilization.
4. Mary Mudondo – Project officer incharge sponsorship and Education
5. 12 child Focus managers(community Volunteers/caregivers)
Other volunteers includes Five (05) field facilitators/trainers (these staff are qualified cadres in different areas of our need, were interviewed and hired by LCF to facilitate trainings whenever need arises in a line activity of a specific program, they occasional come to lcf offices except when called upon to attend an activity, they helped in the 87 trainings of beneficiaries in Agro- business and modern farming which was funded by American Embassy in Uganda and they also help in eGRIP funded by USAID). They work with other organization and some with the government of Uganda.
Of the mentioned staff only 3 are paid: – Moses, Hellen and Benard. Appreciations to Jack and Dione carter who have pledged to pay Mary a volunteer who is managing a sponsorship program and also for staying with Topista Naula. Mary is graduate with a degree in social works and social administration. Mary felt conviction and call to come and volunteer with LCF since March 2015. Mary once worked with compassion international during her internship for 6 month and she is very knowledgeable in sponsorship scheme management.

• Goats Distribution
We are glad to report that a total of 9 new sponsored children were in position to receive goats as a way of sustaining their income and also as a plan for future. Basing on the new innovation within the livelihood department, it was agreed that children with goats are expected to pass one 1st offspring goat to their fellow children who have not got the sponsors. This is to inculcate in them a spirit love of sharing and giving amongst themselves. With this innovation, we hope that by the end of 3 years, the majority of the beneficiaries would have also received the goats. We hope children will be able to reproduce the goats exchange into a cow and begin having milk and use cow dung for fertilizer and also with this multiplier effect a child will be able support him/herself even without a sponsor in future.

Beneficiaries after receiving the goats (L-R) Musibika Bendita, Nakirya Stella, Mukhaye Lillian, Baluka Shabura, Leticia Nakato, and Watalamaiso Andrew
• Training the beneficiaries on SACCO
The parents/caregivers of the beneficiaries were trained on topics concerning savings and credit services. This training was conducted in 2 days by technical person on matters of SACCO. After the training, the beneficiaries democratically elected their governing committee and they agreed to start saving. The savings are made twice in a month- 15th and 30th of every month. This initiative is aimed at improving on the lives of the beneficiaries through a sustainable income resource base.

• Supervision of the goats given to sponsored kids.
This was carried out in 13 homes of the old beneficiaries who had received the goats earlier on. This was purposely to find out the number of the goats each beneficiary has and identifying the beneficiaries who are legible to pass 1 young goat to those who have not yet got sponsors.
It was noted that most of the children have reproduced their goats, now some have 3-4 goats.

Kataike Zula (in red t-shirt) with her 4 goats Kaago Doreen with her 3 goats.


• Farming project
With the support from American Embassy in Uganda LCF distributed farm inputs to the children and currently many of them have harvested getting 90% return, over 80% have harvest between 200-600kgs of maize, 100-200kgs of beans and 220 kgs of G/nuts each. We hope our children will have enough food for the rest of the year.
• Purchase of piglets for Doreen Kanyago
Kanyago Doreen was given a gift from her sponsor to purchase for her more 2 piglets. She has 4 piglets now with the aim of raising a very big piggery farm. Great applauds goes to her sponsor for the parental love and care being offered to her. This is seen in a picture below;

Doreen and her mother with the 2 new piglets


➢ There is need for desk top computer for some of the staff. This has made it difficult in report and minute writing and development of strategic documents in office.
➢ Insufficient funds to effectively implement planned activities.
➢ Inadequate funds to enumerate and motivate existing manpower / volunteers to implement planned activities especially to the child focus managers.
➢ The health of some beneficiaries has been dwindling, thus calling for the attention from the project towards their welfare.
➢ It is so unfortunate that some of beneficiaries are dying due to the negligence of the caretakers.
➢ Procurement of office desktop computer
➢ Fund raising.
➢ Lobbying and advocacy.
➢ Resource mobilization/proposal writing.
➢ There should be group re-organization basing on the current list of the beneficiaries to reduce on the overwhelming number for easy monitoring.
➢ Close monitoring and supervision of the beneficiaries should be upheld to find out the health status of every child.

Conclusion Remarks

Thanks to Directors Life Charity focus Australia and its funding partners and Nyngan community Christian center for the financial and moral support, we look forward to working with you further, we continue in full abeyance and more determined towards the well being of the vulnerable children.