Bazaka Mutaule

Bazaka Mutaule

$62.00 / month

DOB: 16th May 2013
Gender: Male

Your support is appreciated

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Child’s interest

He likes playing soccer and handball with his friends.

Favourite school subject

He likes colouring and shading.

Child chores at home.

He digs in the gardens and grazes his family’s goats in the field.

Family history

Bazaka was born in Lyama sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

He stays with his parents in a semi permanent house.  He has 02 brothers.

His parents depend on growing crops like millet sorghum, maize, cassava and green vegetables for food and as a source of income, on a small piece of land.

Bazaka’s parents cannot afford to send him to school. His parents cannot afford to provide him with the basic needs like good education, medical care and clothing.

Child’s future dreams.

Bazaka wants to become a teacher in the future.

How would LCF help the child and the family.

Bazaka’s family cannot afford to send him to school. Without sponsorship, Bazaka is at risk of becoming a street boy and continuing to live in the same cycle of poverty his parents are living in. Your support towards this boy will be a blessing to him. Sponsorship fees are $62 a month to allow us to place Bazaka in boarding at our private school, as he lives in very very poor conditions.