Efulansi Namajja

Efulansi Namajja

$62.00 / month

DOB: April, 13th, 2011 
Gender: Female

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Child’s interests

She enjoys playing with her friends and dancing.

Favorite subject at school

She likes mathematics. She dreams to become an accountant. She does not go to school, but her siblings have taught her some maths.

Child’s chores at home

She helps cook for the family, fetch water, wash clothes and other domestic work.

Family history

Efulansi was born in Tademeri sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

She stays with her parents in a semi permanent house. Her parents are peasant farmers. They depend on farming as a major source of income and food. They grow crops like, rice, maize, beans, millet, cassava and others on a small piece of land.

She was born a normal child. At the age of 2 years, she feel sick for almost a full year. There was no medical diagnosis confirmed. After recovery, she was paralyzed on her right hand side. She is able to walk with a limp. Her right hand has very minimal function, but she is able to do most things independently.   

Efulansi has 02 brothers and 01 sister.  

Her parents cannot afford to provide her with the basic needs like a quality education, medical care and clothing.

How would lcf help the family.

Efulansi would be given the chance to be a child, instead of completing adult duties like cooking and washing. She would finally feel a sense of acceptance and belonging. Something she has never felt before. Your support towards this girl will be a blessing to the entire family.