Lillian Logose

Lillian Logose

$744.00 / year

DOB: July 10th 2003
Gender: Female


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Lillian was born in Naigobya village, Budaka Town Council, Budaka District in the Eastern part of Uganda. Her father passed away in 2004 and the mother left their home due to family conflicts. She stays with her grand parents in a semi-permanent house. Lillian has 1 sister and 2 brothers. She goes to a private school in Budaka District and she is in grade 6 this year 2016. She wants to become a secondary teacher in future. Her health is good. Her grandparents are farmers growing the following crops; groundnuts, maize, beans, sweet potatoes, cassava, millet and green vegetables on a small piece of land only for food. It has become very hard for her grandparents to provide her with the basic necessities like education, medication and clothing.
Therefore your sponsorship towards this girl will be a blessing in her life.