Masitula Kagoye

Masitula Kagoye

$62.00 / month

DOB: 28th April 2013
Gender: Female

Your support is appreciated

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Child’s interests

She enjoys dancing and playing with her brothers and sisters.

Favorite subject at school

Her favourite subject is English.

Child’s chores at home

She helps in cook meals for the family and fetches water from the bore 6km away.

Family history

Masitula was born in Kaderuna sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

She stays with her parents in a semi permanent house.

Her parents are peasant farmers. They depend on farming as a major source of income and food. They grow crops like, rice, maize, beans, millet, cassava and others on a small piece of land.

She was born a normal child, at the age of 4 months, her sister who was 2 years old at the time. accidentally poured boiling water onto Masitula. This has caused her arm to ‘stick together’ (see photo). It has also burned her face and melted her thumb to cause a deformity. 

Masitula has 4 brothers and 5 sisters.  

She started school and she is in grade two this year 2020. Although she has great difficulties at school as she is not able to play sport or participate in things that require both arms.

Her parents cannot afford to provide her with the basic needs like a quality education, medical care and clothing.

How would lcf help the child and family.

LCF would love to be able to raise some money to have her arm operated on (to remove the burnt piece of skin attaching her arm together). If you would be willing to sponsor Masitula and help us raise a small amount of money, she would have a much better future! Your support towards this girl will be a blessing to the entire family.