Matilda Nyadoi

Matilda Nyadoi

$62.00 / month

DOB: 1st June 2016
Gender: Female

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Child’s chores at home

Matilda helps wash dishes and clothes.

Family history

Matilda was born in Kadama sub county, Kibuku district in eastern Uganda.

She stays with her parents in a semi permanent house.

Her parents depend on farming as a major source of income. They grow crops like sorghum, maize, groundnuts, cassava, millet and others for food and as a source of income. This is too little to support the family.

She was born physically disability. Her feet and legs are malformed, and she is not able to walk. She crawls on her knees to move around.  

Matilda has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.  

How would lcf help you and the family.

Matilda is considered a misfortune within her family and the community. She needs to find a sponsor, so we can place her in our boarding homes, where she will be loved and accepted, no matter her differences. If Matilda finds a sponsor, she will be able to receive an education!! Something she never dreamed would be possible.