Niisi Ajambo

Niisi Ajambo

$62.00 / month

DOB: May, 23rd, 2009 
Gender: Female

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Child’s interests

Niisi loves playing with her friends.

Favorite subject at school

She is in grade four. Her favourite subject is English, she wants to become a teacher in the future. Her current school has kicked her out because she is deaf and unable to talk, and the school believes she is not capable of learning.

Child’s chores at home

She helps sweep the compound, wash plates, cook for her family, dig in the gardens and look after her brother.

Family history

Niisi was born in Budaka town council, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

Niisi was born deaf and is not able to talk. She is learning some basic sign, and has potential to be fluent in sign. The current school she is enrolled in has refused to allow her to return next year, due to her disability. Niisi is very intelligent and has huge potential in the right hands.  

She stays with her mother in a rented room. Her father abandoned them because of Niisi’ disability. The mother has a small kiosk where she sells small local items. The income is too little to support the family.

She has 01 brother.

Her mother cannot afford to take her to a special needs school and to provide her with the basic needs like medical care and clothing. She struggles a lot to care for the family.

How would lcf help the family.

To allow Niisi the chance to attend a special ed private school, where she can strive and thrive, become fluent in sign language and fulfill her dreams of becoming a teacher. Your support towards this girl will be a blessing to her.