Sirajji Janjari

Sirajji Janjari

$62.00 / month

DOB: June, 1st, 2012 
Gender: Male

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Child’s interests

He enjoys playing with his friends in the village and playing catch with a ball.

Favorite subject at school

He is not yet at school. No school in the district will accept him due to his disability.

Child’s chores at home.

He cleans the compound and washes the family’s clothes.

Family history

Sirajji was born in Ikiiki sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

He stays with his parents in a semi-permanent house. His parents are peasant farmers; they depend on farming as a major source of income and food. They grow crops like Rice, maize, beans, millet, cassava and others on a small piece of land.

Sirajji was born very weak and paralyzed from the waist down. He is not able to bare weight on his legs and he crawls on his knees to move around. Sirajji is a bright boy and does not have an intellectual delay. He dreams of going to school, learning and making friends. Sirajji sits at home all day washing clothes and cleaning, while his siblings go to school and his parents go to the gardens to dig. He is completing adult duties while he is still just a child, because no school in the district will accept him.

He has 01 sister and 01 brother.

His parents cannot afford to provide him with the basic needs like a quality education, medical care and clothing.

How would lcf help the family.

Sponsorship would allow Sirajji to fulfill his dream of going to school and learning. Sirajji would receive adequate care at our private special ed school and he would have the opportunity to learn life skills and go to university one day, so he is able to earn an income in the future. Your support towards this boy will be a blessing to him.