Stephen Solomon Mukenye

Stephen Solomon Mukenye

$62.00 / month

DOB: June, 6th, 2009 
Gender: Male

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Stephen was born in Kaderuna sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

He stays with his mother in a semi permanent house.  His father passed away last year due to complications to his liver. Stephen has 03 brothers and 04 sisters.

His family depends on farming as a major source of income and food. They grow crops like ground nuts, rice, millet, cassava, beans and green vegetables for food and as a source of income, on a small piece of land.

Stephen Solomon is in grade three this year 2019. He wants to become an Engineer in future.

His mother cannot afford to provide him with the basic needs like a good education, medical care and clothing. He could benefit greatly from boarding at our private school, so he can receive adequate care. Therefore, sponsorship fees will be $62 a month.