Tabitha Musenero

Tabitha Musenero

$62.00 / month

DOB: March, 25th, 2013 
Gender: Female


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Child’s interests

Tabitha loves playing with her friends.

Favorite subject at school

She is not yet at school. No school in the district will accept her due to her disability.

Child’s chores at home

She washes clothes and plates and digs in the gardens.

Family history

Tabitha was born in Budaka sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

She stays with her aunt and grandparents. Her parents separated and abandoned Tabitha. Her parents considered Tabitha a misfortune on their family.

Her family depends on farming; they grow crops such as rice, beans, maize, sweet potatoes and others for food and as a source of income, on a small piece of land.   

 She has 02 brothers.

Tabitha was born paralyzed on her right hand side. She has significant speech difficulties and an intellectual delay.   

Her carers cannot ably afford to take her to a special needs school and to provide her with the basic needs like medical care and clothing. The carers struggle a lot to care for the family.

How would lcf help the family.

Sponsoring Tabitha would allow her the chance to be enrolled in school and learn. She would be able to improve on her communication skills and learn life skills. Your support towards this girl will be a blessing to her.