Wilber Ndobole

Wilber Ndobole

$62.00 / month

DOB: 10th September 2016
Gender: Male

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Child’s interest

Wilber likes making music with jerry cans, sticks and bottles.

Favourite school subject

He is not yet at school.

Child chores at home.

He helps clean the compound and wash plates.

Family history

Wilber was born in Nansanga sub county, Budaka district in eastern Uganda.

He stays with his parents in a semi permanent house. He has 1 brother and 5 sisters.

His father is a part time primary school teacher and the mother is a house wife. They also grow crops like millet, maize, beans, sorghum, cassava and others for food and to supplement as a source of income, on a small piece of land.

Wilber is not recieving adequate care at home and we are very concerned. He will soon become a street boy if he is not rescued. He wants to become a doctor in the future but his parents cannot afford to provide him with the basic needs like a quality education, medical care and clothing.

Child’s future dreams.

He wants to become a doctor in the future.

How would LCF help the child and the family.

Sponsoring Wilber would ensure he will stay off the streets. Wilber currently does not receive adequate care and we are very concerned. The moment he is sponsored, the moment he is rescued. Your support towards this boy will be a blessing to him